Monday, March 11, 2013

Signs that wonderful things are afoot

This is a link to a fascinating Fresh Air interview by Terri Gross with Sam Parnia, a scientist studying resuscitated cardiac arrest patients.

Regardless of culture or religion, people around the world are reporting stories of the time between their technical death and their resuscitation that share the following themes:

They describe watching things in the hospital and recall conversations in the hospital room that happened while they were dead.
They feel incredibly peaceful.
They no longer fear death.
They see a warm light.
They feel that a warm, welcoming,  loving, compassionate being leading them through their experience.
They see a review of their lives, form early childhood to their death.
They experience the pain they have given others during their lives. They judge themselves (within the presence of the warm compassionate being I presume) and come back committed to living better.
They felt a sensation of detaching from their body, looking down at their hospital room, and seeing and hearing conversations that occurred in other rooms.

(By the way, these experiences are universal regardless of culture or religion).

The "warm, welcoming, loving, compassionate being" sounds quite congruous with the Jesus that I and many of my friends have encountered using the Immanuel Approach to prayer. Dr. Parnia's conclusion is that we humans no longer need to fear death. The story is all the more interesting because in the end Dr. Parnia explains that he holds no religious views.

Give it a listen, and let's talk about it.

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