Thursday, September 29, 2011


If you're a woman, you might like reading you some Ann Voskamp. I like reading me some, despite my not being a woman. Beth and I get her blog posts sent to our e-mail address almost daily, and everytime I open them, I feel like I'm looking through my mom's Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but enjoying it.

This is the post she sent out today, writing about some of the same things I've tried to write about on this blog, but writing about them better and womanlier than I ever could.


HKimball said...

you are brave

Brian Stipp said...

Ann's blog is perfect for me because I can only handle her womanliness in snippets. The book had some great and, to me, new ideas, but its sappiness just wore on me after a while. Somebody needs to masculinize her writing because us guys need to learn thankfulness for God's gifts, too.

I also think Ann is like the master of the blog genre, since she is such a good photographer. I wonder if she would have found success in a different era.