Monday, October 4, 2010

teh affexts of mediu on the braain

I heard this radio show a few weeks ago that gave me some desperately needed insights. It was during my 7 posts in 7 days blogging binge, and my brain was strung out with blogging and arguing with some people I'd never met on someone else's blog. Rozalie wasn't even a month old and I couldn't stop thinking about my online conversations long enough to enjoy her. 

It's a Fresh Air episode where Terri Gross interviews a New York Times reporter who researches the affects of cell phones, smart phone, multi-tasking and internet usage on our brains. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his work. It was clear as I listened that my ability to be present where I was had been worn thin by my involvement in the cyberworld and in all the other thoughts I was trying to cram into my brain.  So I decided to fast from media, and after a few days of detoxification remembered how to marvel at new life again.

You should listen to this radio show when you get the chance.

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