Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Classroom quips, 10-13-10

As I've shared before, this has been a rough year so far in the life of this Special Ed. teacher. I took some time over my 2-week break and prayed over what to do about it. God gave me a few specific ideas, and already the first two days after returning from break have been far better. I'm back in the driver's seat, which means I'm in a generally better mood, which means I've been able to enjoy the kids more.

So with this good news as the backdrop, I present the first classroom quips from the 2010-2011 school year, all of which happened today.

Mr. Stipp: Does anyone know what a miner is?
Javier: Yeah. Like if I win $50,000 in Gold/Cash prizes from the gas station, they'd probably take it away  because I'm a minor.

Henry (reading out loud): Ovary and Wilbur Wright were born in Dayton, Ohio.

Mr. Stipp: Stephen, why were you absent yesterday
Stephen: Oh, I fell out of a tree.

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