Thursday, December 24, 2009

bellies et cetera

I wrote this on the early morning November 21st. I'm delaying posting it until we officially announce that Beth is pregnant. Beth is pregnant! It is half prayer/half journal entry.

I got a letter from my Grandma Stipp yesterday. I wonder how many more of those I'll get.

Thanksgiving is Thursday. I'm thankful for coffee this morning. I'm thankful for the abundance that I often thoughtlessly consume. I'm thankful for the baby doubling itself in size in Beth's belly as she lies there peaceful in calm. I'm thankful for the lady whose belly it is that bears the next fruit of our love and your love. I'm thankful for the bellies that once carried Beth and me and the bellies that birthed those innocent, unscathed bellies 50 some years ago. I'm thankful for my grandma, whose belly has seen it all, and now functions partially to strengthen her belly laughs, which are straight from the heart, which is to say straight from the belly.

And the belly that bore hers? Whew. I never knew that person - I think maybe I barely remember her. Grandma Remole. I remember Grandpa Remole, who likely rubbed and held that belly in the days before my Grandma's birth and in a time far different from ours.

What did he do for work during the day, the night he came home and planted the seed that kept giving life and that even now is germinating 10 feet from where I sit? Was he tired that night? Hot with passion? Trying to prove himself or please his wife?

Did he drink a cup of coffee the next morning as he sat and thought, and sang a hymn of thanksgiving?

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this is really beautiful.