Thursday, July 23, 2015

N.T. Wright talks tech

I've written here before about N.T. Wright, and how he's helped me through seasons of doubt. I've also written of my uneasiness with technological "progress." Today I watched a dialogue  between Wright and Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal, and other Silicon Valley startups. Among other things, they spoke about death, the future, and imagination. I planned on watching just 10 minutes of the 2 hour interview but got sucked in. Maybe you'll get sucked in too.

My takeaways are these:

1. I was struck by the charity exhibited by both Wright and Thiel. They clearly disagreed pretty sharply with one another. Their starting places are vastly different (a biblical scholar/theologian and a futuristic entrepreneur) which led them to wildly different conclusions. But they were kind.

2. Having the upper hand, Wright was especially kind. They are both widely read and well spoken, but Wright's mastery of history and scripture put him a on a different plane. Despite his intellectual superiority, Wright never spiked the football.

3. I hope to see such charitable conversations between believing scholars and non-believers occur at Olivet. I think it could happen.

4. There was a lightness and joyfulness in Wright that Thiel did not possess. This fact alone doesn't prove anything, but it was plainly the case.

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