Sunday, May 13, 2012


Posted: 13 May 2012 06:41 AM PDT

As our fifth child crowned early Friday morning, the uniquely beautiful lives and faces of our other four kids flashed before me: Suzy's rambling mind and empathetic heart;  Eli's fierce anger and hilarious one-liners; Isaac's quick wit and scheming bent; Leeli's grunting hugs and stubborn stares. What joy in studying them, teaching them, laughing with them, and training them.The blessedness; the givenness of life itself came to me dressed as these 4 kids.

Next thing you know, there's a head emerging. Then a neck with a cord wrapped round, choking as the tiny baby came further. 

And just as quickly had come the weight of life's blessedness came the truth of its fragility. I feared for the baby's death and I knew from my other kids all that stood to be lost. 

In my fear I looked up at my Beth's exhausted, sweating face. She had once more given more than she has for her family. Thanks for her, beyond what I can express, filled me and broke me. 

And while I looked at Beth and cried, Dr. Kara's hands untangled the umbilical cord, and her voice cried out, "and it is a girl!," Then came Beatriz Ann Stipp's first breath. Then her piercing cry. She was alive. 


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