Monday, March 7, 2011

swiping out, part II

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less often. This here’s an explanation…

The last time I posted I said I'd be taking a break from media for 25 days as a part of my church's 25-day fast. It was to celebrate our church's 25th year. (Boy, was I glad we're not Catholic!)

During the fast I found surprising communion with God, inner peace and efficiency at work related simply to not using the Internet, reading, or listening to music. As if my soul was taking a much-needed deep breath. And like I often do during fasts, I asked God, “How can I keep this going after the fast, in normal life?”

I sensed a clear response that I should limit my Internet usage to one hour per week. So for now, that’s what I’m doing. The result of this change has been continued efficiency while at work, far greater presence of mind when I’m at home with my wife and kids, and a surprising amount of enjoyment at the simplicity. I went from hopping on to check any number of sites whenever I pleased throughout the day, to saving all my Internet business to one sitting. And you know what’s weird? The same sites I used to go on multiple times per day, I don’t even care to look at anymore when my new hour quota recharges on Sunday. Nothing on the Internet feels urgent. Nothing is.  

So at least for now, I’ll be blogging less often. My wife, my kids and my soul are glad.

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ken0809 said...

Hey Brian, I didnt know you blogged. I like your stuff. Thanks for your insight. I learned something similar in a class called "The Care of a Ministry Leader's Soul" and in another class called "Spiritual Theology" that we are made to have moments of recreation. These two classes were focused on looking inward and to examine the soul. The professors taught that instead of watching TV or surfing the web, recreation is to be looked at as Re-Creation, examining and meditating on why we were created and then to recreate ourselves (renew our minds and align ourselves with God again). Looks like that is what you are doing with setting your limits and refocusing.

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take care

Ken Alvarado