Monday, December 27, 2010

A 5-year-old's monologue

My Suzy doesn't realize she's recording, so she thinks her camera clicks are snapping pictures.


Anonymous said...

Ha she is adorable Brian. made me laugh.
Happy 2011


Manny & Jazmin said...
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Manny & Jazmin said...

She is absolutely adorable, I love the part about God. (it feel's like that sometimes) too darn cute.
Its moments like these that kids say the darnest things and we are always too busy to capture on Carma, well Im glad Suzy got to capture her own moment on how she feel's when she is five.
O and now Ill never forget to say hi again:-) Love u Stipps!!!

Jake and Jess said...

this is amazing!

chad said...

my favorite was "I'm the second lower number than God's age"