Tuesday, January 5, 2010

classroom quips, 1-10-07

Dan Burke is a white Illinois Congressman, whose seat is being challenged by Rudy Lozano, a Mexican American from Little Village. The majority of the people in Dan Burke's constituency are hispanic, which is why some people think it will be hard for him to win.

Yesterday I had this conversation:

me: Jose, what did you do during the break?

Jose: I made a commercial

me: wow, what was the commercial about?

Jose: I don't know. Me and my brother just said, "thank you, Dan Burke" for the camera. Who's Dan Burke?


Chaddo said...

brian that his just incredibly sad
did they at least give them a couple bucks or a candy bar?

Brian Stipp said...

I think they just gave him the line, "you wanna be on TV?"

Chaddo said...

id love to post this story in a press release along with a clip of final cut of the commercial, if your kids end up in it.

Brian Stipp said...

I'll be looking for the commercial.

Another heart-wrenching writing prompt response happened yesterday. I asked the kids for New Year's Resolutions and a kid wrote:
"I want to help my dad stop drinking." When i asked him about it, he said it's because if he does his mom will let him come back home.

Hannah Kelling said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say to that. It's no wonder politicians are typically seen as liars.